Handling your labelling compliance – freeing you up to spend more time creating delicious recipes.

  • Ingredient and allergen labelling
  • Nutritional information
  • Accurate product pricing
  • Global market compliance

We research and provide guidance to ensure compliance with the government's food and beverage labelling requirements.

We know that in smaller companies, resources need to be used wisely. Our service takes care of the time consuming tasks around food labelling and resolves these issues.  We use our collective buying power to access the sort of resources normally only available to larger companies, delivered to you at a fraction of the cost. Saving you time and money.

The rules are always changing – how do you keep up to date with what’s required?

‘Natasha’s law’ comes into effect next year and will tighten the labelling rules for direct sale foods.  At the same time the UK’s departure from the EU brings new rules governing how nutritional and ingredient information is presented on food packaging.  We can help you by reviewing the forthcoming legislation and advising you on how your labelling requirements will need to change. We deliver peace of mind.

Good labelling is not just about meeting government rules, it is also about giving your customers the best possible information so that they can choose the food that’s right for them.   The regulations are changing, but we will ensure that your labels meet the standards expected by your customers and by the law.  You can be sure that your customers have the right allergen, ingredient and nutritional information for each product, saving you time and money.

We can also help to accurately cost your products and ensure that you get the profit you deserve.  By scaling the costs of raw ingredients, packaging, labour and consumables, you can make informed decisions about the price points and sales sizes for each product.

Our database of global food and beverage regulations enables us to deliver legally correct product labelling for all major global markets including the UK and the EU, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Working with our sister company, which specialises in global customs solutions, we can even assist with the import or export of your products or raw ingredients, something that will affect any business with international trade once the UK leaves the EU at the end of 2020.


Mission Control Ltd was originally formed to help touring artists in the live music industry comply with local legislation as they moved from one country to another.  While the live music industry takes a COVID break, we have been finding new industries to help. 

Our team of experts work extensively with government departments and constantly monitor published legislation and licence documents. Drawing on information from a number of different agencies, we communicate the relevant regulations to our clients as simply and concisely as possible.  Wherever their work takes them, our customers have the peace of mind that they can operate their equipment legally and are aware of any local constraints.   Our ongoing research for the music industry centres on the rules for the legal use of radio equipment in a number of regions including the UK, EU and USA. 

We have spent the last 10 years working with professionals who deliver a high-quality service in often stressful conditions and for whom government regulations and licenses are important but complicated and time consuming to obtain. As you might imagine, we are finding the food business to be a reassuringly familiar place.