food labels that meet industry standards.  
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  • food label review service
  • inredient, allergen & Nutritional information
  • help with natasha’s law
  • help selling into new markets

Food label review service

We provide professional label proofing services to food and beverage companies. Let us check your food labels, so that your packaging meets food labelling regulations and best practice.  We use our experience and research, so that you can be sure that your customer messaging is accurate and follows the rules set by legislation.

You receive a straightforward report that clearly shows elements which are satisfactory, unsatisfactory or where there is room for improvement. We work with you to resolve any issues, ensuring that your finished product meets the agreed standards.  Bringing a product to market can be daunting, so why not make sure that you are fully confident about your food labelling? It saves you time: our team of researchers wade through the myriad overlapping regulations, which means that you don’t have to.

iNGREDIENT, ALLERGEN AND NUTRitional information

If your label information is less developed, we can supply ingredient, allergen and nutritional data for your packaging and other documentation.  This information can be formulated from your recipe information, often with the help of your chef, or recipe designers.  Using industry standard software and the basic ingredients list for your product, we generate correctly formatted front and back of pack data.  

We ensure that allergenic ingredients are properly emphasised and can advise on the need for quantitative ingredient declarations (QUID).  We also help companies with nutritional information, using values from a recognised database and/or data from your suppliers.  Nutritional information can be provided in back and front of pack formats as needed, giving you reassurance as you expand into new markets.   We currently maintain information for the UK, the EU, the USA, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Help with Natasha’s Law

The UK Food Information Amendment, commonly known as ‘Natasha’s Law’, takes effect in October 2021. The new rules apply to food that is packed on the premises for direct sale to the consumer.  Packaging will have to clearly display the name of the food and a full list of ingredients with allergenic ingredients emphasised, which means that many more  companies will need to improve their food labelling information. This change will particularly affect smaller retailers who are packing and selling sandwiches, salads and other similar foods on site, as well as takeaway food outlets.

We can help you prepare for this change, so that you’re ready for the new food labelling regulations.  We can check that your labels have everything covered. We can use our specialist software to compile ingredients lists and offer you ongoing support – everything you need to ensure that your food labels remain compliant with the law.

Help selling into new countries

We maintain a growing database of global food labelling regulations. Drawing on ten years’ experience compiling data on global compliance matters and dealing with government-level licensing internationally, our dedicated team of researchers can help exporters with answers to tricky questions around food labelling and product specification worldwide. Additionally, our team are trained in customs practice and procedures. We can also source translation and proofing services for you in other languages as needed.


Mission Control Ltd was originally formed to help touring artists in the live music industry comply with local legislation as they moved from one country to another.  While the live music industry takes a COVID break, we have been finding new industries to help. 

inpsired by allergy awareness

One of our directors was diagnosed with a life-threatening nut allergy as a child and is acutely aware of the difficulties of living with an food based allergy.  His personal experiences have made him passionate about helping businesses and producers to be more allergen aware.

With a personal interest in better allergen labelling and the implementation of Natasha’s law, it has been a pleasure to work with food businesses and improve their customer messaging.  To find out more about how we can help severe allergy sufferers, we have joined the Anaphylaxis Campaign.    Anaphylaxis Campaign.   

About our work with the entertainment industry

Our team of experts are used to working with government departments and constantly monitor published legislation and licence documents. Drawing on information from a number of different agencies, we communicate the relevant regulations to our clients as simply and concisely as possible.  Wherever their work takes them, our customers have the peace of mind that they can operate their equipment legally and are aware of any local constraints.   Our ongoing research for the music industry centres on the rules for the legal use of radio equipment in a number of regions including the UK, EU and USA. 

We have spent the last 10 years working with professionals who deliver a high-quality service in often stressful conditions and for whom government regulations and licences are important but complicated and time consuming to obtain. As you might imagine, we are finding the food business to be a reassuringly familiar place.